More good and bad news

Monday, March 8
Good news: the Baz bus arrived early, driver barreled through the night at maniacal speed, we didn’t crash, and arrived 45 minutes early. Early enough so that we decided to go to the nearby emergency room and have my splotchy red painful patch looked at.

Bad news: I have shingles!!! The legacy of childhood chickenpox, I presume.

Good news: I don’t have some tropical pest worming around under my skin, preparing to penetrate my brain (my worst nightmare.)

More good news: I was able to get online at the Hippo Backpackers — just 20 rand for 30 minutes.

Bad news: The Internet is so painfully slow (as usual), my time is almost up. Plus it’s time for us to head to the airport, pick up our car, drive to Tstitsikamma National Park and start our 3-day hiking adventure on the Dolphin Trail.

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